hands holding tablet with Spanish  national flag, Now’s the time to get online! We invite seniors to get connected online and join us for a fun and relaxed introduction to Spanish lesson. Over a cuppa, you will make new friends, have a chat and laugh, exercise your memory, and learn some Spanish. We [...]

Numeracy and cash handling

Develop confidence and skills in numeracy and cash handling This is a course of four hours that covers both cash handling and reconciling and balancing a till. It will be very informative for new workers who will be working in an area that requires active working knowledge of the cash and till balancing system. Presented [...]

Spanish Cuppa Online Language Program

Spanish for conversation ONLINE This is a Spanish Cuppa language program presented by Spanish Voyage. Come aboard “The experience of learning languages”! Are you looking for an invigorating and enjoyable experience? Then come and have a cuppa with us and be ready to have some fun. A Spanish Cuppa offers you plenty of opportunities to [...]

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