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Macramé Pot Hanger

If you’re looking for a chic bohemian addition to your living space, create your own macramé plant hanger. The result is a beautiful piece that you can use to decorate any room. Macramé refers to the craft of knotting cord or string into patterns to make elaborate textile pieces which was popular in the 70’s. Knots, [...]

Succulent workshop

Learn about succulents and create your own garden. Succulents are great plants to have indoors or outdoors. In this workshop, you will learn some plant basics, e.g. selection, propagation, care and maintenance, and you will have fun creating a succulent garden to take home. Bring your own pot or container with a drainage hole and [...]

Feelin Groovy Jam Session Online

Add an hours of joy to your week! We are a group who embrace anyone who would like to spend time making music together. We welcome people who are experiencing mental health issues, as many of us have had our own experiences or know someone who has struggled. We acknowledge the isolation and difficulties that can [...]

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